What People Are Saying

Up to this very moment I am being told by my wedding guest how awesome Eugene was. He is such a natural at what he does! He knew the right time to have high energy, Read the audience very well, and carried himself like her knew the bride and groom very well by his comments. He told the perfect amount of jokes, and most importantly he keep the night flowing. Prior to the wedding day Eugene made himself available to meet via Google hangout since the bride lived in Canada. He answered all our questions and did his homework thoroughly. Thanks Eugene, you helped make our wedding unforgettable!


- Anneka Faulkner

Service Provided: Wedding Reception Emcee

- Katie Rob Ambrose

Employer Brand Manager at Unilever

Service Provided: Host For Corporate Event

Eugene hosted Unilever's UniGame National competition. I warned him before he took the stage that the students participating in the business challenge would be too nervous to laugh or respond, but I was wrong! He had them laughing and completely at ease, and he was extremely professional, funny, and a great host. I would welcome the chance to work with Eugene again as an event host, and would recommend him without hesitation.

Brought Eugene out to help with a Christmas production my church was putting on, he is phenomenal both as a performer and writer. He is witty and plays well with others in off the cuff spots. He makes every day life hilarious and brings a smile to your face.

-Marian Puglisi

Worship Leader, Alive Church NYC

Service Provided: Host/Entertainment For Church Event

Booked Eugene to warm up employees before an event. With little information he really got the audience involved, asking everyone questions, including people, and most importantly, making everyone laugh. He was a natural at reading the crowd's vibes and reacting to them, like kept going with jokes that people were enjoying. Everyone loved it. He did a fantastic job. Highly recommended.

-Maclean Jackson

Head Copywriter, Sid Lee NYC

Service Provided: Comedian For Corporate Event

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