"My baby's gonna be a huge star!! He's funnier than Eddie Murphy, and Kevin Hart! And cuter than Idris Elba."

-Eugene's Mom

Eugene T. Barnes describes himself as “The youngest old man you’ll ever meet.” He’s been married for eight years to his college sweet heart, who’s lovely, supportive and really really smart! (She’s paying me to say that…I want my dollar.) He’s The Father of two beautiful little girls, who are for sale, just check out this website He’s probably worse at working an IPhone than your grandma’s mom and he’s only twenty…something.

He was born and raised in the tiny, chicken infested town of Lakeland, Fl. His comedy has been described as clean yet edgy, wholesome yet provocative, he’s like a magical taco…spicy and mild at the same time. He mixes high energy, physical comedy with all the sharp wit of a dull tooth pick. don’t believe me? Go see him live, he performs at clubs and colleges all over the country. I guarantee you’ll laugh your butt off, no really you’ll literally leave without your butt. (There’s a butt bucket at the door of all his shows, if you just so happen to make it through a show with your butt still intact, just drop it in the bucket.)

I know what you’re thinking…what does the “T” in Eugene T. Barnes stand for? Well, some say Tony, some say Tiger Balm, others say toilet water, the truth is…the world may never know. Let’s just enjoy him, while we have him.


                                                                                                                                Someone other than Eugene T. Barnes

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